Welcome to Freiberg Instruments

Freiberg Instruments is a 2005 high tech university spin off. The objective of the company is the development and production of a new family of state of the art contact less, non destructive, inline measurement tools for the semiconductor industry and research facilities.

These measurement techniques open for the first time the possibilities to measure electrical parameters such as lifetime, diffusion length and mobility with so far not achieved sensitivity. This allows for a combination of high spatial resolution, high measurement speed even at very low injection levels. These unusual combination of properties make the methods ideally suited for inline applications. Again owing to the high sensitivity, it is even possible to expand the measurements to the investigation of thin epitaxial layers as found in device fabrication. A special kind of these techniques allows for the contact less, non destructive and topographic investigation of defect properties.

Measurement systems

MDP -> Microwave Detected Photoconductivity
MD - PICTS -> Microwave Detected Photo Induced Current Transient Spectroscopy